About Us

Our vision

The world we aim

Shape the “Future” that’s yet to arrive

A society filled with people dreaming and picturing exciting futures, and challenging to make them come true. We are here to bring such a society to life by supporting you giving distinct shapes to these currently vague “Futures.”

Our mission

What we do to achieve our vision

Running side by side with the challengers, maximizing the potential of business without a limit.

We will be the forever partner of the challengers who have the potential to change the world along the way they accomplish their challenges.
Together, we will pursue the business opportunities and do our best to lead them to the success they aim for.

Our Team

Team to accomplish our mission

Rina Takei

Rina Takei / CEO/Founder

After graduating from university, Rina started her career as a mass marketer at a major game publisher. Then, she worked as a consultant at a general consulting firm, where she offered project management and operational process design services for manufacturing companies. In 2014, Rina joined an HR startup as a founding member and started working as a PR and Sales Manager. Later, she was appointed as Head of New-Business and Product Manager and took charge of launching new businesses and operations. In 2021, Rina founded her own business, Migaku.

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Fumika Hayasaka

Fumika Hayasaka / Advisor

After working as a reporter and having launched several new businesses at a publishing company, Fumika joined a newly established HR startup. She was in charge of the business management and brought successful business growth as a GM and a board member of its affiliated company. Later, she took roles in broad professional areas, including CS/ Sales, PR, Sales Management, and Business Development, at several startups in BtoB and BtoC. Currently, she is an independent consultant specializing in PR, HR (recruiting and organizational development), and Business Development, supporting a variety of growing companies in resolving their business issues.

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Our Message

CEO Message

CEO Message

In recent years, the external environment around us has been constantly changing, such as in the technological development and the diversification of our lifestyles. Because we live in such an era of rapid changes and uncertainty, many new services and companies keep emerging to create the new standard for our future.

We started our company to be a partner for those who take on the challenge of building such a future.

Growing companies such as startup businesses need to understand their visions and business strategies at a high level while implementing many business tactics. Also, they need to accumulate short-term results while drawing up a winning strategy from a long-term perspective. However, it is so easy to fall into the trap of postponing the essential long-term measures, while being buried in the effort of retaining the short-term figures and avoiding present risks.

As an external partner to such companies, we provide one-stop services to manage the activities that serve as a pillar of the company’s long-term business growth, such as PR, recruitment, or entry to overseas markets from the strategy level to the execution stage.

By fully utilizing the benefit of remote work, we recruit our team members from all over the world. Our team of professionals with thriving experiences in growing companies will support realizing the Future of these challengers.

Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Name migaku LLC
Date of Establishment March 22, 2021
Head Office Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative Rina Takei
Description of Business PR and marketing support
Recruitment support
Overseas expansion support

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