Shape the

Our Mission

Running side by side with the challengers, maximizing the potential of business without a limit.

We will be the forever partner of the challengers for them to accomplish their challenges and potentially change the world. Together, we will pursue the business opportunities and do our best to lead them to the success they aim for.


Our Services

Migaku is a team of professionals with core experiences in startups, ventures, and other evolving companies, hand-picked from around the world.
As a partner to the challengers, rough stones of potential, we provide one-stop support in public relations, recruitment, and overseas expansion, from building strategies to execution.


Public Relations/PR Support

We support increasing awareness and understanding of our partner companies and their services. In addition to raising awareness through media relations, we provide tailor-made support such as planning and conducting PR for successful recruitment, including Tech PR to meet our client’s specific objectives.

Recruitment and Hiring Support

Recruitment and Hiring Support

We support business growth by connecting evolving companies with exceptional talents. We understand the type of talents a company seeks and utilize our unique network to introduce the most suitable candidates.
We also build a talent pool that serves as a foundation for recruiting activities, build a fan base in the market, and handle the recruiting process on behalf of our clients.

U.S. Market Entry Support

U.S. Market Entry Support

At the consideration stage before entering the U.S. market, we build your tentative team locally to minimize risk and validate probability of the business swiftly. We conduct onsite surveys, corporate and customer/ user interviews, and test sales to identify the business opportunities and challenges in the U.S. market in order to propose the most suitable strategies for your business.


Join Our Team!

Join Our Team!

We are looking for new members to join our growing team. Our organization is a global team of people working remotely, connected online from all over the world. We embrace flexible workstyles such as freelancing, which does not bind us to a specific time or location. We welcome you to share your skills, experience, and passion. Join our crews to grow our businesses together.